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Employees deserve clean and safe drinking water. VendMaster is proud to provide a variety of Water Filtration Systems for your employees. Whether you are looking for single-serve bottled water delivery or an in-line water filtration system, we can customize a program for you.

Bottled Water

VendMaster carries a wide variety of bottled water by the case. We offer packaged bottled water at a great price that guarantees safe clean water. Great for companies giving away free bottled water to their employees. 

5 Gallon Bottles

VendMaster offers spring and purified options featuring both hot and cold water. Great for offices and does not need a water line.

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Filtered Water Services

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Filtered Water Service

We offer water filtration devices featuring the most advanced filtering systems available. These systems help deliver safe, crisp-tasting hot and cold water on demand, at the push of a button. These systems are designed to remove all chlorine and other taste and odor impurities in the water systems. They also avoid the hassles of storage, mess and replacement of large 5 gallon water bottles. Additionally, this environmentally friendly format are much more sanitary that bottled water systems, as there is no chance of contamination of the water since the water is never exposed to outside elements.

These attractive units simply need a water line installed which we will do at the time of installation.

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