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​​Vending Services

VendMaster has been an industry leader since installing its very first vending machine over 34 years ago. We haven’t remained an industry leader by staying comfortable. Innovative vending is one of our top priorities, encompassing everything from advanced equipment, technology to a diverse product selection, to consistently improving the way we serve our clients, including cashless vending.

As one of the largest private vending companies in the province, we are attentive and flexible in meeting our customer's requirements.

  • Providing the greatest product selection
  • Utilizing the latest technology to improve customer service and product replenishment
  • Providing state of the art equipment
  • Maximizing sales by accepting not only coins and paper currency, we will accept all forms of credit card, debit and smartphone payment transactions.
  • Service excellence...up to 7 days per week servicing

Unmatched Service

Energy efficiency is “Top of Mind” at every location. VendMaster provides vending equipment that uses less energy, uses more environmentally friendly refrigerants and are more climate friendly than any other vending systems​