​At VendMaster, we carry a wide variety of products from beverages to snack foods, to coffee and water including Coca Cola, Pepsi, Coffee, Tea, Starbucks, Quaker Oats, Doritos, bottled Water and healthy snacks. Our selections are flexible to better serve our customers, offering items that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Vending Product Selections

VendMaster is the recognized leader in Healthy Vending. From schools to the workplace, we have embraced healthier options in our machines. Providing healthier vending options is not as simple as replacing the Snickers with the Granola Bars.

We currently offer more than 500 beverage and snack products in all 3 categories, BC Schools, BC Public Buildings and traditional vending categories.

The key to successful product selections is open communication between your employees and our route drivers. If you want items in the machine that are not currently being offered, feel free to make a request by a call to our staff, or by talking directly with our route drivers. They are trained to communicate with your employees to make sure the product selections in the machines are the items you want.​ Each place of business has different needs, space requirements and budgets. We offer personalized service in order to match your needs at your facility.

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Coffee services, Tea, Tetley, Tetley Tea
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Coffee services, Kona coffee, whole bean coffee, coffee beans
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Coffee...Endless Flavor & Variety

Like your coffee bold? Well, VendMaster is taking office coffee service in bold new directions. Whether you need top-quality brewed coffee service for your employees in a corporate office environment, or a diversified selection of coffee and refreshment service options for your customers, VendMaster has you covered. The top national brand varieties including Coca Cola, Pepsi, Coffee, Tea, Starbucks, Quaker Oats, Bottled Water and healthy snacks.

We’ve searched the world for the types of coffee and tea your employees and guests love and now offer a menu with a dynamic list of nationally recognized coffee brands, as well as a premium line of full-flavor blends. Quality service and products mean you can provide your employees, guests and customers with a coffeehouse experience that’s sure to make a difference throughout the day.

VendMaster can bring the gourmet coffeehouse experience into your workplace and refresh and inspire your employees, clients and customers with a customized menu of coffee and tea options. We provide nationally recognized brands like Starbucks, as well as local favorites. All the delicious flavours you crave are delivered with the convenience you expect.

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Vending Machine and Office Coffee Selections