Bean to Cup Coffee Services

Are you looking for "Fresh Coffee" Brewing the freshest cup of coffee in minutes, a bean-to-cup coffee machine grinds your selection at the touch of a button. Perfect for organizations of all sizes, a bean-to-cup machine offers a range of selected blends and espresso drinks in a variety of sizes.

  • Quality: The freshest coffee you can get—straight from the bean.
  • Flexibility: Selection of two whole bean coffees, long espresso, hot chocolate, mochaccino, 50/50, vanilla coffee, vanilla mocha, French vanilla, vanilla mocha coffee and hot water for your favorite tea
  • We provide a range of roasts ranging from mild, medium, bold and decaf.
  • Go Green: The coffee grounds are 100% biodegradable and compostable. We also selected a machine that does not require filter paper and will accommodate payment systems as well. It is one of the reasons this option is used by most companies in the world.
  • Cost: Eliminates waste by brewing only what you need.

Fresh Coffee Services

​Traditional Coffee Services

The traditional drip coffee service is ideal for offices looking to have coffee prepared in thermal carafes that meets the demands of break-time rushes. We will provide your staff coffee, coffee supplies and an assortment of tea to satisfy the most discerning  aficionado. 

We provide thermal carafes that are easily filled and can be transported anywhere in the office, boardroom or break room. Options include plumbed-in or pour-over drip coffee machine. 

  • Cost: Drip coffee is the most economical solution. Traditional drip coffee service offers an office the lowest cost per cup.
  • Flexibility: from having hot water taps for your teas to ensuring that all equipment is provided at no charge.
  • Reliable quality: fresh portion packs of ground coffee are available in a variety of blends and roasts to meet the most discerning coffee drinker.
  • We provide a range of roasts ranging from mild, medium, bold and decaf..

VendMaster’s office coffee equipment is top of the line, and our extensive selection of brewers ensures that we will find the perfect fit for your break room. Based on our discussions with you and understanding the break-time challenges you currently face, here are our recommendations:

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